Komodo: I should've got wet in Moyo Island!

December 16, 2019

Flores to Lombok 4D3N, Day 3

It was so amazing when I feel my body moves side to side like I was sleeping on the hammock. It felt so nice till I realized that the wind didn't hit our boat like last night again. I opened my eyes at 5 am again, and as usual, I washed my face and brushed my teeth, and went to the deck. I never thought the sailing will be roughed last night and felt thankful to a roommate in my hostel who gave me her medicine so that I didn't catch a seasick! I made a tea and sat on the deck, I looked at the distance where the sea met the horizon and the sun began to rise. Seen another boat who sailed behind us with the sunrise became their background, it was so amazing to see. The silence, the sound of the engine, the scenery, the wind that hit my body slowly, the stable movement of the boat, everything seemed so nice. I took a picture from my phone and sent it to someone at that moment, & I remember I didn't get any response and it broke my heart. The nicest moment turned to a hurtful feeling, I shouldn't have had sent him the picture, I regretted.

After a while, someone from Germany came and sat beside me and watched the sunrise together in silence. He was someone I couldn’t reach, even when we have the chance to make a conversation. Usually, I could easily start a conversation with someone moreover when that person always sat beside me in almost every morning lol, but I couldn’t do that with him. There was also Sophie and Bethanie who came 5 or 10 minutes after him, and the four of us just sat there and sipping our tea together. And again in silence watching the sunrise and the boat slowly reached an Island called Moyo Island.

After everyone began to wake up, the crew told us to walk into the forest and enjoy the small waterfall. The waterfall wasn’t that good since it was in the dry season when we came. But it was enough for us to enjoying the water and jumping from the tree into a water hole. I didn’t jump, I was thinking of not getting any wet on that day, I regret it though. The beach was so clear, the clearest water I’ve ever seen! I’m not exaggerating. The morning light that reflected into the water make it greater, I should have been snorkeling and get wet! Too late to realized.

After walking for a moment at the seaside, I decided to come back to the boat. The water was really clear, I should've been joined the jumping party that morning! I really regret it now. Everyone just came to the boat and joining the jumps and yeah the jumping party is here again. Bethanie was the one who's never sick of jumping though, she jumped more than 10 times that morning even more if I counted it when she jumped in the water hole from the tree along with her friend Sophie, I envied her free spirit unlike me who is too scared to get wet and regret it afterward.

It's then over after everyone tired of jumping and swimming, the boat headed to another island, Medang Island. It wasn’t part of the itinerary actually but we enjoyed swimming on the island though. Medang Island was where the boat crew comes from, they made a stop and back to their home for a while. Giving the family some of the snacks from the town and transporting some ingredients to fill the boat and to feed the travelers. The crew told me happily when he reached the island, he dances and smile ears to ears and told me,

“This snack is for my family” pointing the snack of the plastics wrapper to me.

Everyone snorkeling again around the island, that was when I decided to get wet again and betrayed my “not to get wet in this day,” this morning, but again I regret it because the water isn’t that clear as the Moyo Island. I really should've got wet in Moyo Island!

We headed again to Kramat Island, I and some friends had some conversation on the deck. Then I stand and suddenly seen Dolphins from afar came to greet us! I shouted to everyone on the deck,

"Dolphin, Dolphin," I said pointing the group of Dolphin to everyone.

I was so happy and asked Patricia to take the video of the Dolphins. The Dolphins were coming over to all of our sides of the boat. I screamed happily since we weren’t told about this kind of attraction on our itinerary. Several days after this moment, when I upload the video about the dolphin on my Instagram, a friend from another boat tell me they didn’t see the Dolphin at all. So, yeah the Dolphin wasn’t part of the itinerary! We were lucky to get approached by them.

When we almost reached the Island the crew gave us an option to choose to snorkel between Bedil Island or Kramat Island. They said Bedil Island was better but we needed to pay 5K to enter the island which all of us said no! The entrance fee was to be given to the person who guards and clean the Island, I didn't bother to choose this place actually but everyone else chose Kramat Island instead. 

It was in the evening and the water was so calm, the wind was warm, and the sun was hiding behind the clouds and made the light shining between the clouds. The water reflected the sun and the sea's color was turn silvering. Ale, Blanca, Israel, and I sat on the deck and we had some conversation before reaching Kramat Island and before they left me to swim and walking to the shore. We were so happy to have that kind of view, Blanca said, 

"I love this kind of weather, not too hot nor too cold, so warm, and look at that sky" pointing our view in front of us. 

Kramat Island has clear water as well, but I didn't jump or snorkeling there. Instead, I sat and just looking at everyone who swam or walk to the beach. Then suddenly I saw flying fish for the first time! I screamed happily again alone on the deck. Before this, I only saw flying fish from the movie Life of Pi, so I was kind of finding this attraction so cute. It's also remembering me when the time I watched Life of Pi twice at the cinema in 2012 because the movie was so great! Never knew that I would experience sailing like how Pi's had on the movie Lol, without a tiger of course! 

The boat headed again to our final destination on that day, Kenawa Island. Still not leaving the deck area, Nina, Mars, and I played some Netherland's game while enjoying the view of the sea. It was still in the evening when the sun began to set, and the sun still hiding behind the clouds like before we arrived in Kramat Island, the light that was silvering slowly turning a bit orange. The light reflected on the sea and warming our hearts with its beauty. When the sunset came, almost everyone was also coming to the deck and playing a game, drinking, and having a conversation again. That was the best moment so far, seeing everyone became one because of the sunset.

We reached Kenawa Island in the dark. After we had our dinner (our last dinner) we headed to the island and the itinerary said it's time to party. It was funny actually, everyone queued to had dinner even when the crew hadn’t set the meals yet. Everyone was already starving, and I was the one who was in the front queue! I was just back from the toilet when suddenly Patricia pulled me and made me queued in front of her, lol. Patricia, Ale, and I were in the front queue and we were dancing in-between waiting for the meals to be set.

I asked the crew the night before to have some Krupuk because I couldn't eat without them and I miss krupuk so much on this trip. I didn't know that everything I said about side dishes will be granted by them this fast because they noted my will and served me the krupuk that night! Wow, it's really a party for me! Everyone asked me what it was when they see the krupuk, they also followed my way to enjoying the krupuk along with other dishes. I could see everyone's eyes were on me (especially the france girls), so I eat slowly so that they could see how to enjoy the krupuk as the locals do. Well, thankfully, they loved the krupuk and I hope they can't get enough of this side dish as well and come back to Indonesia again someday. I realized, the crew brought the Krupuk from their hometown which was when we were stoping in Medang Island, how nice and thoughtful they were, I wish I could meet them again someday and told them how thankful I was to them.

Dinner was done, we crossed the sea again towards the Island to have some party in Kenawa Island. Almost all of the locals saw me oddly from head to toe, maybe because I was the only Indonesian and also wear hijab there, I understand. Since everyone was partying and drinking, I decided to just sit with Blanca and told her,

"I’ve never been to a club and partying like this, it's kind of weird for Me actually".

She told me it was how they expressed themselves and not to worry so much. She also told me a story of how she went to a club in her place, how she and her friends ready to fight to someone who bothered them and all and all. So, she was also ready to protect me if there was someone who drunk and bothered us. How nice she was!

Typical activity besides snorkeling and hiking on the boat.
After a while, Bethanie, Shoppie, and Andreas were dancing along with Ale and Patricia. Bethanie and Sophie came to me and asked me to join them dancing, I refused, of course, but I gave up on their third time of trying and asked Blanca to join me too. She agreed and we dance together there, it was fun, I feel happy I joined them. It wasn’t as bad as what I thought it would be though, I thought everyone would be uncomfortable if I joined the party with them, but no one paid attention to me which was so great! We made a circle and dancing together and made a game like whoever got picked should dance and everyone followed it. It was totally fun, everyone respected me and taught me how to enjoy myself, I loved them.

I can see that party with dancing in circles like that is just the same way when my friends and I were doing karaoke. The difference was we don't need the can of beers like them, that's all, we also dance like a crazy like them, again without beer for us. I stopped dancing after I got so tired. I came back to my seat and Israel mocked me,

“Finally you join them dancing!” lol, I told him it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be hahaha. 

Yawan, a girl I met in Padar Island, came and sat beside me, I was asking her to joined me dancing but she refused. Several minutes later Bethanie and Sophie joined us and Bethanie told us she felt hot and need to cool herself down.

We decided to back to our boat, that’s when the crew from another boat kidnapped us into the middle of the sea and played a prank on us. I screamed because they made the small boat moved like a roller coaster. We got wet of course! the water filled the boat but that was also when we first saw the plankton! My first time as well, the plankton looked like fireflies but on the water. It was soooo beautiful, the water was sparkling here and there I couldn't stop wow-ing because it's so mesmerizing. After arriving on the boat, we gathered on the deck looking at the stars and plankton together. I remember Sophie was coming back to the island and took her jacket which was left there. She arrived on the boat with a wound on her leg, she fell when running to the island and didn’t see any rope on the beach, poor Sophie.

That night, Ale and Patricia also came back to the boat when the others still playing on the shore. We all laid down on the deck and looking at the stars and the plankton, repeated. That night the sea was so calm, so, all of us felt relax and peaceful. The music from the shore still can be heard from the boat but it didn't bother us at all. I didn't know what time it was until we (people on the boat) decided to back to our room and sleep. It was the peaceful night ever and the first time for us to stay awake till night. Well, we also had to be ready because tomorrow our trip would be ended.

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