I had a Motorcycle Accident!

April 14, 2020

Two weeks ago (31/3/20) I had an accident on my way to the house after worked. I was so happy in the morning when my boss brought me a delicious dim sum and inspired me to make a dim sum on the weekend. I scrolled my google search and found a recipe for how to make a dim sum later on the weekend. I was so excited and smiling ear to ear on my way to the house until this accident came and ruined my happy day. My first accident since 2009 ago.

It was rainy and dark, almost dark. I reached the front of the residential gate and I saw the opposite road was empty, also from my rearview mirror the road behind me was clear. I already turn on my turn signal from 10 meters before, I was being so careful as usual. Then I turned my motorcycle to the right, but suddenly one motorcycle came from the opposite of my way and crashed into me until I got thrown off for probably 1-2 meters. My head hit the road, I don’t remember how do I got thrown off but I was conscious of how my head hit the road. I tried to stand up the moment my body stopped bouncing but I couldn’t. I tried to calm down with my body laying on the road and then I saw the sky from my helmet.

People run into our motorcycles and ignores me, that’s when I tried my best to wake up and drag my butt to the side of the road. Then someone approached me and I asked him how the other guy's condition, but he only answered that his motorcycle is broken like mine and I should’ve just forgiven him. I didn’t understand at first what was it mean because his answer was vague. Then the guy came to me and asked me to forgive him with a face full of worries which later on I understand that he didn’t want to give me money for my motorcycle and hospital’s bill (which I actually never cared about since I have an Insurance). I saw that he was ok and didn’t have any wounds, injury, or anything so I told him to always turn on his front lamp to minimalism an accident especially at a rainy and dark time, then we parted.

My head was suddenly hurt & dizzy and my fingers were bleeding too (my leg was swelling the next day for several days), I didn’t realize that my pant was also torn until I reached home and cry out loud in my garage, my defensive side has fallen down. I really really need someone to rely on or a shoulder to cry at that time, I really really need support (thanks to everyone who texted me when this happened). Then, I went into my room and try to sleep while crying. I should have to go to the hospital at that time rather than choosing to sleep at my house. I did a big mistake when I think sleeping will heal my headache, I was wrong I know.

No wound doesn’t mean everything is ok, that what I learned from the accident. I worked the next day and my head was getting dizzier, how fool I was. I should've been asking to rest at home rather than work and yeah I always try to act strong even though I'm actually that weak. I tried to act cool when actually everything was the opposite way. I didn't tell anyone that I had an accident in the office until I feel so weak and unable to hide the fact that I'm sick that day. My Boss asked me to go home early than the actual office hour, but I insisted on working until the time is up. And he told me to rest at home if my head still hurt the next day.

I tried to go to the hospital when I was going back to my house, but I need to wait for 2 days more to see the doctor. When I had the chance to meet her (Neurologist)(3/4/20), she asked me to had some MRI and gave me several medicines. As my Textmate said, the Neurologist also diagnosed me with a concussion and she said that it's important to wear a helmet during a motorcycle rides (In my country everyone just wears the helmet when there is the police). I need to wait for 10 days more to see the MRI result, which is yesterday (13/4/20) & the result is fine, nothing is wrong with my head. :)

I’m glad I wore a helmet when the accident hit me, I do always wear a helmet whenever I ride my motorcycle 'cause we never know what would happen to us in the future. Preventive actions are all we can do to prevent the possible things that might happen. I'm really really glad that I always wear them even when it's only 100 meters away from my place. Having an accident without a helmet is scarier than ticketed by the police. A proper helmet is like this and not this one, so, please always wear your proper helmet and be careful. It's not only you who will get an injury if an accident happened, but it's also anyone (mostly innocent people) who are unexpectedly included in the accident. Be wise. :)

The damage, haven't seen the other part since the accident.
My helmet after the accident

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