Indonesia: First Sunrise in my Hometown

November 13, 2020

When I was in my hometown, I told my mom to woke me up at 4.30 am so that I could go to this place & enjoy the scenery at dawn. My mom did what I asked her to, I rode my motorbike then, only to get mesmerized by how beautiful this place was. 

It's only 5-10 minutes from my home, the path is only a natural path and it was so slippery because of the dew. Maybe if it wasn't slippery I could reach this place only in 5 minutes.

The sound of birds chirping, crickets, and any other sound were loud but so peacefully healing my soul. The sun that was nowhere to be seen suddenly come out slowly from afar. 

I set my phone on a branch of a eucalyptus tree near where I stand. The branch was like the branch on the video, I let my phone doing their job and I sat, inhale the smell of nature in my hometown happily.

This place was only a farm for my neighbors, the place where they trusted the earth to give birth to their plants. No one aware that this place was this beautiful, they only know that this place was the place to make them stay alive, to survive living.

I saw a family who walked from their house to this place that dawned. A hoe on the husband's shoulder and a sickle on the wife's hand. They look at me oddly, maybe because no one ever sat and recording the sun as I did in that place, at least in their eyes.

Luckily, we were quite far from each other, although we're neighbors, we were too lazy to shout to greet because of the distance we had. We just wave our hands then back to our own business.

More pictures and videos I've taken: 

Triggered: there will be lots of pictures & videos on this part.


Only a natural path to ride, the grass makes the path slippery because of the dew on them. An old farmer who rides his motorbike came to chopped the grass for animal livestock to feed his cows & goats.

Eucalyptus tree & dry corn plant.

The smooth wind made it hard for me to capture the focus on these wildflower's picture.

Yes, I did it. Not as I was imagining, but better than nothing.

Can you spot the little long path? That's where the couple farmer walked, far enough with the place I stood.

Maybe try looking for them through this picture? 

Groundcherry (Ciplukan)!
My favorite wild fruit since I was a kid, never knew I would meet this fruit scattered all around me again. I was spotting this one till I turn back and the wild fruit tree was everywhere behind me. I was so happy to see them, nevertheless, I only took the picture because I didn't know who owns this land. I rejected to become a thief even when this fruit is my favorite!

The little prince of this kingdom just woken up.

Inline. Thank you for surviving.

I'm glad you lending me your branches to record this moment, eucalyptus tree.

Look at this fabulous color!

Lawu mountain can be seen from here, Merapi & Merbabu too, the difference is they are opposite to each other, need to step this hill to see the other two mountains.


First step into the jungle! Just meters away from the jungle gate near the village.

I don't want to miss the moment. It was so dark, was a bit scared though.

Finding the right spot didn't come so easily.

Finally, finding the right spot to capture the picture and to sit in solitude!

Groundcherry or Ciplukan and sunrise.

Hello Little Prince!

Time to head back and grab some breakfast my Mom and Budhe had prepared.


Oh, I'm falling in love with my hometown. My first sunrise in my hometown was this beautiful, I'm dumb knowing this moment after this long. My young days never thought about sunrise or sunset, we thought the orange color of the dawn and the dusk will only hurting our eyes, that's the myth in my hometown. It does make my eyes hurt though, hurting that makes me hooked, a guilty pleasure that makes me never wanted to remove, instead, I always want them to keep hurting my eyes with their beauty. I'm in love with this moment.


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